Mirror the future of your Telco Network, influence the course of it with AI driven Operations

As telecom network technology evolve from one generation to another, the high number of network elements involved and the complexity to build, operate and maintain did not get easier. Instead it is getting increasingly challenging for Communication Service Providers (CSP) to keep the network up and running at the highest level while upgrading their networks to new cloud and software driven architectures.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are planning to leverage 5G networks to offer new types of services to various customer segments. The challenges of this endeavor will lie in the ability to automate lifecycle management of network slices, incorporate predictive maintenance and demand, anticipate behaviours – all while ensuring operational efficiency and workforce’s transition to preventive processes. Get ready by now with embedding AI powered applications in daily operations to realize transformative and monetary benefits from it.

Topology Discovery
Topology Discovery

When CSPs use Avanseus

Avanseus Applications works together with CSPs’ Operational Support System (OSS) to form an autonomous network monitoring system, continuously inspecting network data to provide actionable and intelligent insights to monitor the performance of the network and the expected service experience.

Avanseus Applications enable CSPs to detect anomalies, predict performance and service degradations with cross domain root cause analysis. Avanseus patented AI algorithms can deliver prediction and correlation results fast based on minimal historical data.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection & Fault Prediction

Root Cause

Root Cause and Impact Analysis

Performance Degredation

Performance Degradation Prediction

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption Monitoring & Prediction

How CSPs benefit from using Avanseus

To help CSPs meet the challenges of operating and maintaining of their networks and assets, Avanseus provides the level of intelligence and insights to

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    transform a time schedule and reactive maintenance process to a condition based maintenance process

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    have the ability to predict faults and prioritise service schedules which reduces possibilities of unplanned downtime

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    improve the utilisation of network and energy resources for optimal outcomes and reduces expenditures


reactive tickets reduction


drop in service effecting incidents


alarm reduction


drop in infrastructure incidents


Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) reduction


reduction in maintenance costs

Customer Story
Customer Story

Customer Story

Airtel deploys Avanseus’ AI-based predictive maintenance solution

Avanseus PdM applies the principles of AI analytics to Airtel’s rich network data and uncovers actionable operational insights. It enables Airtel’s teams to proactively ‘Predict and Prevent’ incidents in the network.