Data Center

Building Intelligence into Data Centers

To keep up with the demanding service level availability and uptime, Data Center operators need to take on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted approach to keep the increasingly interconnected and interdependent hardware and software components humming along. Data centers also requires huge amount of power and cooling facilities to run efficiently.

And to keep these costs down while running an efficient operation become an imperative in the path to profitability and to serve as a key competitive advantage.

When CSPs use Avanseus

Avanseus offers a complete solution to complement Data Center existing infrastructure/maintenance management system and adds new capabilities that instantly transform the operations.

Using historical and live performance data streams, operations will be able to predict faults and failures before immediate action has to be taken. Avanseus software would further provide analysis to determine likely root cause and the impact to operations. This new approach reduces high costs incidents due to downtimes or maintenance.

Similarly, Avanseus uses the past, current and future operational data to monitor and predict the impact of network and plant deployments on capacity metrics such as power, space, air conditioning/cooling usage, network bandwidth etc. Avanseus provides insights into current usage and allows operations to construct a predictive outlook on when current resources will run out, how to optimize them and if additional resources need to be planned.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection & Fault Prediction

Root Cause

Root Cause and Impact Analysis

Performance Degredation

Performance Degradation Prediction

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption Monitoring & Prediction

How Avanseus helps Data Center operators meet their KPIs

There are many similarities between operating a telecommunication network and a data center, especially when the telecommunication networks of today and future generations are sharing many of the same technologies such as native cloud architecture and standards.

We have considerable experience in the deployment of Avanseus Applications for CSPs, monitoring their vast fixed, mobile and transmission networks. We are using the same expertise to help Data Center operators to scale and meet the needs of their customers with little to no downtime. At the same time, our solution delivers intelligent insights on operation and performance metrics on service levels as well as indicators on energy consumption.

Customer Story
Customer Story

Customer Story

Airtel deploys Avanseus’ AI-based predictive maintenance solution

Avanseus PdM applies the principles of AI analytics to Airtel’s rich network data and uncovers actionable operational insights. It enables Airtel’s teams to proactively ‘Predict and Prevent’ incidents in the network.