Avanseus™ brings Artificial Intelligence based predictive maintenance into manufacturing sector.

Singapore/Bangalore, 13-09-2019: Avanseus announces the launch of its Artificial intelligence based predictive maintenance software for manufacturing industries – Avanseus PdM. This software is designed to provide the analytic capabilities to enterprises embracing the industry 4.0 architecture of connected and smart systems. Avanseus PdM analyses the performance data of different components in the industrial environment both in real-time and historically, and predicts health status of such components up to 7 days in advance. Thus Avanseus PdM provides a fair opportunity to its customers to have an objective assessment of their manufacturing chain and replace the components predicted to fail, thereby saving them from unplanned outages and safety issues.

Avanseus PdM is designed considering the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector including the density of equipment and various sensors involved in the day-to-day operations. Avanseus PdM will endeavour to enable overall health monitoring of the manufacturing plants, analyse and consolidate the system health data to meaningful insights that would save the time and effort of plant maintenance teams while increasing their accuracy. The powerful Artificial Intelligence engine of Avanseus PdM can identify and predict even the rare faults that appear over long durations. The pilot implementations of Avanseus PdM had given excellent results in the manufacturing domains specifically by reducing unplanned outages and periodic maintenance downtimes by picking and analysing distress signals from the equipment that wouldn’t have been possible by other methods.

Avanseus PdM comes with an innovative and user-friendly interface. Avanseus PdM dashboard shows different equipment categorized according to their health status. Customers can understand the equipment’s current and future health status along with the history of failures on a single click. It can be used as a platform for centralized operations along with additional Artificial Intelligence modules. This revolutionary platform can be integrated into any industrial ecosystem simply with minimum infrastructure. The addition and removal of equipment from the manufacturing units is also simple as Avanseus PdM intelligently identifies the subcomponents of the manufacturing unit without any manual intervention. The multi-variate analysis pattern used in the Artificial Intelligence engine ensures accurate outputs making Avanseus PdM a package solution for the manufacturing sector.

About Avanseus

Avanseus was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Singapore with its research and development (R&D) and solution commercialization centre in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India. The Company established a US entity in 2016 and has a network of partners across key global markets. Avanseus specializes in building enterprise solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. The Company’s current focus is Predictive Maintenance software, especially in the Telecom, Manufacturing and IoT sectors. It has already been granted two US Patents and lodged 4 other Patent applications.

For further information, please contact:

Abhilash R
Head of Product Management, Avanseus
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