Avanseus™ announces the release of CAN 5.0 with comprehensive Health Index, enhanced user experience, security, third party integrations and ease of implementation in telecom network environments.

Singapore/Bengaluru, 14-08-2020, Avanseus announces the release of its latest version of Cognitive Assistant for Networks CAN 5.0 (predictive maintenance software for telecom networks).  This release focuses on user experience, security, third party compatibility and ease of implementation. The release is available from 14-August-2020 to all customers across the globe. The decision-making capability and action enablement are better than ever in this version with a strong focus on virtualization and cloud native implementation. Enhanced architecture enabling Knowledge Repository provides quick learning, as well as filling knowledge gaps.

CAN 5.0 is enabled to analyse key network performance values and provide users with a comprehensive Health Index that provides both the historical and current health status of network equipment components. The AI core of CAN compares the network performance KPI and network alarms to provide critical insights on equipment performance and health. Users can even configure thresholds in Health Index or KPIs to initiate actions on threshold breaches. 

The new version takes the user experience to a different level through an enhanced and optimized navigation panel. Users also get an additional Voice Based Interface for those who do not wish to use a keyboard or for the specially-abled. CAN 5.0 comes with enhanced security with OWASP compliance to reduce security threats.

CAN 5.0 is equipped with Integration Gateway that can enable third party software integrations. Users can automate the action initiation for faults or network performance threshold breaches based on their requirements. Enhanced map view and cross domain correlation provides a clear and discreet view of faults enabling users to book or update a trouble ticket, assign an engineer, order a spare part, schedule a field visit during appropriate weather conditions, all over a single platform saving time and effort.

CAN 5.0 is now more easily implementable and scalable through just a click of a button. The new release implementation architecture is enhanced with compliance to enterprise ready Kubernetes Engine Architecture. This enables quick and easy deployment over Kubernetes pods with scalability and repair functionalities to enhance productivity. 

About Avanseus

Avanseus was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Singapore with its research and development (R&D) and solution commercialization centre in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India.  The Company established a US entity in 2016, a European entity in 2019 and has a network of partners across key global markets.  Avanseus specializes in building enterprise solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. The Company’s current focus is Predictive Maintenance software, especially in the Telecom, Manufacturing and IoT sectors. It has already been granted its 2 US patents, with 6 other patents pending. 

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Abhilash R
Head of Product Management, Avanseus
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