AvanseusTM Cognitive Assistant For Networks

The avanseus TM Cognitive Assistant for Networks is an Artificial Intelligence driven application which predicts potential failure of network events and recommends preventive measures. It helps detect failures that cannot be identified by existing network monitoring systems and uses advanced machine learning to continuously extract ever improving information for efficient network operations. The solution analyzes both structured and unstructured data. This can include internal data such as syslog messages, trouble ticket and alarm information,network configuration data, and customer complaints, together with external data such as weather conditions. By analysing this data, the solution significantly reduces the time for Root Cause Analysis (RCA), automatically identifies recommended actions and improves network availability. The solution is delivered to users via interactive smartphone, tablet or PC applications as well as daily reports.

  • Predict Network Disruptions

    Predict network outages in advance to avoid network downtime.

  • REDUCE network opex

    Improve manpower allocation, fix issues faster with RCA.

  • Increase network uptime

    Reduce revenue loss due to network downtime.

  • Reduce Custom Churn

    Improve brand image and customer satisfaction by avoiding network outages.

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