AvanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring

The avanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring solution uses our proprietary and patent pending machine learning algorithms for collecting, storing and analysing images from real time video streams. The solution has the power to effectively detect real time events to help avert undesirable incidents.

The solution is designed to be integrated seamlessly with a client’s CCTVs. The video images may be stored in our secure cloud environment reducing the need for additional storage infrastructure and providing high levels of storage scalability. avanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring currently focuses on Security and Surveillance which includes number plate recognition, vehicle tracking, automated toll booths, parking ticket systems, intrusion detection and facial recognition.

Within the avanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring portfolio there are two separate products, the first is avanseusTM Artificially Intelligent Number Plate Recognition (AINPR). AINPR applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a new approach to visual recognition and a unique solution in the market.

The second solution in the avanseusTM Intelligent Monitoring portfolio is Artificially Intelligent Intrusion Detection (AIID). This solution also applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to visual recognition, but with the aim of providing superior object recognition for Intrusion Detection in commercial and residential environments.

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